XXXTentacion(Jahseh Onfroy) also just known as X, has seemed to pop off in the late 2016 early 2017 year and has managed to establish his name within the industry. X has received co signs from the stylings of ASAP Rocky and other rappers and has scored an interview with No Jumper which now sits over 1 million views over youtube. This post just isn’t about his background and how the rapper got started but the weird story on how he managed to get where he currently is and also how he is doing this all behind bars in jail.

It is easily said that X has received most of his popularity from his song like “Look At Me” which is a hit song for getting people to react to on youtube, and this topic of videos is where the revenue comes from. Cameron Hala, a youtuber who is very popular for starting the trend of his mom reacts videos managed to start a whole bandwagon of other creators to simply record their parents reacting to rap or vulgar lyrics to basically spark a reaction that most teenagers find hilarious to watch. And if you’re starting to put the pieces together people saw that this idea was an easy and a simplified way to make youtube videos and for the most part was pretty organic to get a parents reaction on the music. So starting off people reacted to X’s song “Look At Me” which feature ideas of saying the phrase “fuck on me” multiple times, taking a white bitch to starbucks and then fucking her throat, and also just the pure volume of the bass.

Although this is more then great for the rapper, many people tend to miss the earlier songs or at least how diverse he really is. Within 30 minutes of watching the No Jumper podcast with him it was easily realized that this dude really puts passion and his background into the music. Sadly, most people don’t put those songs in their youtube videos, and what is even more sad most is that most of the songs themselves are snippets. X doesn’t have music videos, ironically most videos of him are of fighting, he is not signed to any label and is currently in jail.

So now, here is my reasoning on why you need to listen to X’s whole catalog and understand why he has a cult like fan base. Although X is not some lyrical rapper who puts it all out there and creates such a vivid image with his diction, his simplified style of either rapping or singing along with a dark beat paints the image perfect. Most of this style is matched with light vocals and reverb while his more “banger” type songs are accompanied with yelling and screaming, starting a new trend of rap, along with many other soundcloud rappers that I plan to write about in the future.

Looking at X’s start on soundcloud he wasn’t yelling or screaming but focusing more on his dark style with the perfect lyrics to get anyone thinking and putting their mind into a dark room to find themselves. My favorite X song to this day is “LETS PRETEND WE’RE NUMB (Prod. Khaed)”. Its just perfect in the purest form. Please take your time to check out this amazing artist. #FreeX